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Practical e-learning solutions

WP2.3 members focused on developing web-based solutions to support blended learning. This has resulted in the first demonstrations of e-learning solutions, namely enriched videos (for hairdressing, car repair and mechanical engineering), a virtual reality application (virtual reality recording day), augmented reality applications (identifying and assembling computer components) and even a computer game for electrical engineering lessons.

All the demonstration versions will be used in piloting. We look forward to receiving feedback from the students involved in the piloting.

The evaluation of the finished e-learning materials was made. Now, the project team is designing user manuals (with video tutorials) for teachers and students, who will use e-materials.

In our illustrious Work Package WP2.3, we have meticulously crafted a plethora of e-learning materials in the realm of advanced videography, enriched with the dynamism of H5P, the immersion of virtual reality, the wonders of augmented reality, and the intricacies of serious educational computer game development. We’ve accomplished the creation of content-rich, highly interactive, and impactful e-learning resources that underwent rigorous testing, even in pilot processes. Our masterpieces have now had their grand debut in the classroom setting! At this pivotal juncture, we are taking a reflective pause to assess our handiwork, evaluating both the technical prowess and pedagogical merit of our creations. Right now, we are focused on creating user manuals. Additionally, we are fervently drafting guidelines for their utilization, catering to both educators and eager students alike.

More information on the individual materials developed can be found in the News and Events.