Strategic framework for schools

In BlendVET project the introduction of blended learning at the school level as a comprehensive organization was set. Partner’s schools included blended learning in their development documents, while the project provides the support for planning and implementing activities that will support the development of a new approach. For this purpose we designed strategic framework presented in the document: Defining elements of the strategy for the introduction of blended learning in VET schools.



Strategic leadership includes in the processes of change all those who will introduce changes and those who will receive them. The school’s development team that coordinates this development must hear the opinions of teachers and students and plan the development on the basis of a clear and realistic picture of the initial situation. Such an analysis of the situation was supported in the project by self-evaluation for three target groups – school management, its development team, teachers and students.

The school draws additional encouragement from the experience and presentation of colleagues from seven schools from the three participating countries of Iceland, Norway and Slovenia at joint meetings, especially the first of three study visits to Norway.

Training of the Slovenian development teams, Ljubljana, 25. 5. 2022



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