Åssiden videregående skole with e-learning solutions

Åssiden videregående skole has bought a GoPro Max camera that can film and take pictures in 360 degrees. Our teachers in collaboration with our students have created a demo with the H5P tool built into WordPress.

The demo is designed for students who need to practice social skills by making a simple purchase in the canteen.

In the next part of the project, the students from our department will meet students at TEK department (Technology and industrial subjects) and create an interactive learning resource for the students from that department.

At TEK, both students and teachers will create the content to be tested. Our students will take pictures and films of the whole process and organize and set up the digital solution with 5HP in WordPress.

Once the product is finished, it will be tested by the students at TEK, where they will evaluate the usefulness and value of this resource.

Here are some pictures of the preliminary demo. The actual final product will look different as the location will be a workshop where you will be able to click on different hotspots in the room to enter new sequences. For example, a review of a specific tool with questions along the way in the form of multiple-choice tasks followed by a response.

Some examples can be: How to paint a car, a review of the tool you use, and what is important to think about through the process.

Do you want to know more? Visit https://viken.no/assiden-vgs/om-skolen/internasjonaliseringsprosjekter/.