Flipped learning as a blended learning method

Blended learning is a large area. The Norwegian participants in the project have chosen to concentrate on what is known as flipped learning.

This involves allowing students to familiarize themselves with what the teacher usually teaches in advance, for example through video, podcasts or digital assignments. This allows more time for student activity, ongoing evaluation and practice of practical skills in the classroom.

Østfold University College’s (HiØ) role in the project is to provide expertise on how to facilitate learning and teaching in digital environments. One of the ways they do this is by offering training to the other schools. However, they are clear that they are not involved in course activities.

“HiØ provides research-based input and support, but it is the schools that carry out the actual development work. We have the knowledge of what it means to be a digitally competent teacher, but it is up to the schools to facilitate the development of their own professional community.”

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