Implementation of school strategies

As part of the work package for the preparation of strategies for the introduction of blended learning into the educational process, the project partner schools carried out a self-evaluation on the use and knowledge of pedagogical approaches and methods, as well as digital technology, necessary for the implementation of the blended form of teaching and learning.

The results of the self-evaluation, which was carried out at the level of each partner school, teachers and students, as well as the interview with the school management, serve as the basis of the strategy of each partner school. With the help of the findings of the self-evaluation, the school teams analyzed the current situation at the school regarding the knowledge of the blended form of education among teachers and students. They also identified key areas where they need to focus their energy in order to make the strategies successful. On this basis, the school teams determined the strategic goals and activities necessary to achieve the goals of the individual school strategy.

During this time, school strategies are already being implemented …