STPŠ Trbovlje and its digital twin

Creating electrical installations with the help of videos, a digital twin of the school, presenting the hometown with a film in English, creating graphics for computer games … This is how the students and teachers of Upper Secondary VET School Trbovlje (STPŠ Trbovlje) deal with new pedagogical approaches within the framework of blended learning.

The students of the Computer Technician program completed the module Manufacturing of electrical and communication installations, in which they used flipped learning. With the help of videos, the students helped each other in making installations and also in connecting and measuring electrical quantities. You can see some examples in the following videos:

Merjenje induktivnosti z resonančno metodo
EKI inštalacije 1
EKI - risanje enopolne in izvedbene sheme 1/4

With the computer game, which will also be used in piloting within the work package WP2.2, students and teachers worked with the metaverse and created a digital twin of the school. The computer game represents a vision of a modern way of enriched learning environment in the world of computer games.