Student corner for BL

In the coming weeks, STPŠ Trbovlje will be setting up student corners for blended learning at the school. They will be designed to be comfortable and to allow students to study, work, network or just relax. The school team is still accepting ideas and suggestions for corners.

The WP2.3 project team has developed a computer game to teach electrical engineering topics. The game is based on a role-playing game (RPG), where the student moves around a virtual school. The game is a metaverse game, as it allows to upgrade a classical learning situation with a learning situation in a parallel world of computer games. The game has been well received by both students and teachers. The game has already been tried out by second year students in the electrical installation module and they have been very impressed. It has also received a lot of interest from other schools.

In the final weeks of the project, the school will focus on achieving the school strategy. The project team is also planning to translate the computer game into English.