Teacher training for blended learning

More than 80 teachers from Slovenia, Norway, and Iceland participated in trainings about the planning and implementation of blended learning.

Our partners, the University of Ljubljana, the University of Akureyri, and Østfold University College, delivered the trainings in a blended format. Teachers were given the opportunity to experience blended learning through the eyes of a student, learning online and completing tasks using various online tools during the trainings. In live workshops, they got to reflect on their experience and work on their blended lessons.

After the lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, many teachers were relieved to switch back from online classrooms to real ones, but they returned with a valuable digital teaching experience. This has somewhat alleviated the “fear of the digital” and prompted schools and teachers to structure more of their classes in a blended way. This is also the aim of the BlendVET project.

Blended learning can provide a lot of opportunities for flexibility, student-centered learning, and improving digital literacy. But to achieve these benefits, teachers are required to move beyond using technology only as an accessory to illustrate a point or share course materials.

In blended learning, it is crucial that students achieve certain learning objectives with the help of online technology. It is not only about the enrichment of the lesson but also about the acquisition of knowledge. This requires a different kind of reflection on all the phases of the lesson, from planning to assessment.